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Arizona Radio Observatory Call For Proposals August 14, 2012

Posted by tfolkers in Announcements, Observer Information.

Proposals are being solicited for observing time for the period October 1, 2012 – February 1, 2013, at the Arizona Radio Observatory, for the Sub-Millimeter Telescope (SMT) and the Kitt Peak 12 Meter. The SMT currently supports a dual-polarization, 1 mm receiver with ALMA Band 6 sideband-separating mixers, a dual-polarization 0.8 mm receiver, and a 0.4 mm (602-720 GHz) dual-polarization receiver with ALMA Band 9 mixers. The SMT control system has been updated to allow for dual polarization, dual sideband observations (so-called “4 IF mode”). The 12 m supports a dual polarization 3 mm receiver (82-116 GHz) that employs ALMA Band 3 sideband-separating mixers, as well as dual polarization, single sideband receivers for the lower part of the 3 mm window (65-86 GHz) and at 2 mm (130-180 GHz). Remote observing is available at both ARO telescopes. Proposals from graduate students are particularly welcomed.

For more details see: http://aro.as.arizona.edu.

Information about Remote Observing can be viewed at: http://aro.as.arizona.edu/remote/remote.htm.

For further information about remote observing and other operational questions, please contact Tom Folkers, Operations Manager: tfolkers@email.arizona.edu.

Proposals should consist of:

  1. A proposal Cover Sheet, obtainable at http://aro.as.arizona.edu/proposals.
  1. A brief scientific justification (no more than 2 pages).
  1. A source list with observing time requirements and justification.
  1. Provide the IP number of the computer you will be using during your observing time.

Proposals will be reviewed by the ARO TAC. Scheduling of successful proposals will be done according to availability of the receivers requested.

Electronic submissions will be accepted in PDF formats.

Please submit your proposals by midnightMST September 10, 2012 to:

Marty Benson: benson@email.arizona.edu



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